SMS Gateway and Solutions

Burhani SMS Gateway is a leading SMS messaging service provider offering two-way SMS communication services straight from your internet enabled computer/mobile. Our gateway reaches across borders and connects to all network operators in the East and Central African region with great reliability.

Regional Coverage
Send SMS to hundreds of mobile networks around the East and Central African region with a Burhani SMS account.

Send transactional or batch SMSes with our HTTP APIs or bind using SMPP. Receive real-time callbacks with delivery reports and replies.

SMS Campaigns
Send SMS campaigns to your contact lists or upload a .csv file to create a batch campaign.

Inbound Triggers
Set conditions (e.g. keywords) for replies or inbound SMSes that trigger an autoresponder SMSs, email or HTTP request.

Short Codes
Set up Standard, Premium Rate or Reverse Billed short codes for competitions, customer support, donations and more.

Multi Part
If your SMS exceeds the 160 character limit it will automatically be sent as a multi-part SMS.

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