Time and Attendance

Our time & attendance solution is designed to help businesses enhance the ways in which they manage their most important resource – their people. For most organisations, the simple practice of paying staff is one of their largest single operating costs. Yet it is often one of the most inefficient aspects of the business process.

Poor time and attendance systems impose a heavy administrative burden on employers as they
reconcile hours worked by their staff. Inefficient clock systems are also open to abuse and often result in company owners and shareholders picking up the tab for buddy clocking or inadvertently rewarding late-running workers and those taking unauthorised breaks.

With a biometric time & attendance system, employees clock by scanning a finger when they arrive at or leave work. No-one can sign in for them and there’s no way they can disguise the fact that they’re late for work or sneaking away early.

The time & attendance system can also be integrated with the physical access control solution to restrict access through doors or turnstiles while simultaneously recording staff arrival and departure times for time & attendance purposes.

Key benefits include:

Cost reduction by:

  • Eliminating “buddy clocking” thus preventing employee from claiming payment for hours they have not worked,
  • Removing the need to buy ongoing supplies of punch-cards, swipe-cards or other clocking tokens
  • Eliminating the downtime and inconvenience caused when clocking tokens are damaged or lost
  • Reducing payroll errors when transcribing from a manual system

Improved decision making by:

  • Delivering accurate up-to-the-minute overtime information
  • Providing access to full audit trail

Enhanced productivity by:

  • Ensuring staff arrive at work on time and work a full day
  • Reducing the management time required to scrutinise and approve timesheets
  • Cutting likelihood of labour grievances
  • Integrating leave management with time & attendance information


  • Single user to multi-user access
  • Restricted operator access - Rights can be set for administrator, line manager, operator and user
  • User definable system codes (Company, Department, Cost Centre, Payment Codes, Public Holidays, Night Shift Bonus)
  • Multiple payroll software export options (integrates with Paymaster, Sage VIP, Norming Payroll and many more)
  • Absenteeism / Late Arrival and Early Departure / Short Time exception reports.
  • Detailed clocking and hours summary reports
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